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Dare to Compare!

A shopper’s guide web code generating software.

Are you comparing dbQwikSite to the competing products?  We welcome the challenge, we are confident that dbQwikSite is, by far, the best buy on the market today.  This is some interesting reading you don’t want to miss.

While many products share many features, dbQwikSite has been designed to go much further.  When comparing dbQwikSite to other products here are some points that our competition would rather you not know:

Generators vs. Designers:
The Others:  Some competing products generate pages in a wizard-like fashion, stepping through a one-way process to produce an output.  If you don’t like what you get, you have to start all over.
dbQwikSite: We believe that generation is only the beginning and it is an iterative process.  With dbQwikSite you can add new generated pages at any time.  dbQwikSite is also a designer.  That means you have the flexibility to work on your generated pages, tailoring them to your own requirements, changing appearance, behavior, security and more.  Your changes are instantly reflected on a page preview shortening the development cycle considerably.


The Others:  Some competitors just don’t realize the internet is a global community, with a wide array of languages and cultures.  They generate pages in one language, with no way to create copies of the same site in several languages.
dbQwikSite: dbQwikSite includes integrated support for localizing pages, the same pages design can be localized into several different languages.  We even have downloadable language dictionaries in several popular languages.  You can create your own dictionaries and share them with other users.

Platform Independence:
The Others: Most other products require that you define your target first and then generate code for that project.  You design is not portable; you cannot change your mind later.  Your only option would be to start all over.
dbQwikSite: dbQwikSite’s  revolutionary X-Gen technology separates design from implementation.  When you design, you don’t need to know what script language your server will use.  You can design against a local database and deploy to a different database, as long as the table structures are compatible.  This gives you the ultimate in flexibility and reusability of design.

Design Flexibility:
The Others: Some of the competition generates standard HTML tables with limited options to change colors and appearance, others allow you to pick from a set of layout options that they supply. 
dbQwikSite:  We offer the flexibility of tweaking generated layouts, picking from our supplied layouts but we go even further, allowing you to design your own re-usable record layouts to give you total artistic freedom to create sites that visually integrate with your web site.

Database Design:
The Others Most of the competition completely ignores database table design.  Very few offer any support for helping you design your tables to do this you have to purchase other database design software.
dbQwikSite:  We integrate a number to features to help you create and modify your database tables as you work.  Among these are tools to convert PC files such as Excel or comma delimited files to tables.  Import MySQL Scripts to create local tables, design tables based on a rich set of table templates.  With dbQwikSite you can edit your tables as you work.  We know that database web page design is as much about databases as it is about web pages.

The Others:  Most competitive products consider each project a separate, independent effort with no support for reusing valuable work between projects.
dbQwikSite: We designed dbQwikSite with reuse in mind. There are loads of features allow you not only to share design between projects, but also between developers.  With group import/export you can share page design between projects and developers.  Layouts and color themes are saved in dbQwikSite for automatic sharing between projects.


The Others: Most of the other tools require that you test on your target platform. They force you to go through gyrations of code generation and FTP and server configuration just to test your pages. 
dbQwikSite We offer integrated seamless testing. Click “Test on my PC” at any time and test your pages right on your PC.  This allows you to validate your design before generating for your target environment.

Site Integration:

The Others: Many of the others, just “pump out pages” and leave the task of integrating to your existing web site up to you.
dbQwikSite:  We let you import “Native” HTML pages.  Once imported you can build links between “Native” HTML pages and dbQwikSite designed pages.

The Others: Most other tools only deal with the technical world.  They are limited to databases, web pages and scripts.  Business process is beyond their scope.
dbQwikSite:  Our unique ecommerce extensions get you business online.  Starting with integrated shopping cart support and continuing with support for storing orders, integrating to the world’s most trusted payment gateways, calculating tax and shipping costs, even adjusting online inventory levels.

The Others: Others can often offer no extensibility at all.  You cannot add in your own behaviors and event logic.  Others offer only limited extensibility limited to only a few key events.  Still others go over the top and offer too much, and you cannot create pages without manually coding events. 
dbQwikSite Offers over 150 unique points in which you can add customizations throughout your pages.  But each and every one of these are optional, your pages will work without the need to code any events,  unless you want to.

License Flexibility:

The Others: Others sometimes offer only “top end” licenses, requiring you to put up large payments all at once, and if you only need limited functionality, you still have to pay for the top-of-the-line license.
dbQwikSite:  Offers a wide range of licensing options with room to grow as you need.  From our free personal edition, to single scripting editions, all the way to our flagship Developer Edition, we have options for you.  And, when you are ready to move to the next level, you just pay the difference when and as you need.  All your projects are forward compatible, you never lose work when upgrading.

dbQwikSite has the lowest prices around. You simply cannot find more functionality in a lower price tag.

dbQwikSite gives you the most value for your money.  Yes, some of the competition may appear cheaper… but are they really?  Things to look for:

Do they charge per generation language?
Do they limit the life of their product in subscriptions?
Do they charge by domain or number of pages?
Do they include database tools or do you have to pay for dedicated database software?
Do they offer ecommerce extensions, or is this something else you have to buy from another vendor?

Yes, we dare to compare…

Feature for feature, value for money, dbQwikSite wins, hands-down, every time.  Don’t let the simplicity and ease of use fool you, dbQwikSite is a powerhouse.  It is a professional tool that delivers more features for less money.

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