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Multi-Column Layouts
You can control how columns wide your pages are. This is useful for records that contain only a few fields, or on data input pages to avoid long scrolling pages.
Available in Edition:

Category Filtering
Add a ""category"" on any field of a data list page to allow your visitors to see subsets of records, easily. There are hundreds of applications for this such as filter products by make, or customers by status.. You choose what your filter should be.
Available in Edition:

Customizable Work Flow
dbQwikSite automatically links pages into a simple workflow. You can alter work flow of input forms to create alternative workflows. For example you may have an Add Page flow to an Edit Page rather than the standard flow back to the list page.
Available in Edition:

Customizable Data Validation
dbQwikSite analyses your database design and automatically assigns data validation rules. You can also assign data validation checks. Advanced users can alter or add more validation checks.
Available in Edition:

Customizable Header/Footers
Easily add headers and footers to your pages to make them look more attractive.
Available in Edition:

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