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“Wow thank you so much! It is an amazing application and so easy to use! I will be recommending dbQwikSite Developer Edition to all I know!  Thanks so much…ITS  BRILLIANT!”
Eddie Hughes

is a PC program for building all kinds of database web sites. dbQwikSite is an intelligent web code generator saving hours of tedious web programming.  Absolutely no coding required!

Use dbQwikSite to build...
  On-line product catalogs
  Complete Web Stores
  B2B Applications
  FAQ pages
  Secure On-line data management
  Any kind of on-line list
  Simple on-line reports
  Events and Schedule Sites
  Real Estate Listings
  On-Line Contact Lists
  Help Desk / Support Page


dbQwikSite Edition Licence Fee Buy Licence
    Professional (Pro) $24.97 $24.95 Buy Now!
    E-Commerce (ECom) $34.95 $34.95 Buy Now!
     Developer (Dev) $44.95 Buy Now!
New : dbQwikSite Developer Edition dbQwikSite Developer Edition Intro dbQwikSite Developer Edition Intro
dbQwikSite  web development made easy...
Program Highlights  
  Generates Web Code: ASP, ASP.net & PHP, SQL,  Java Script
  Supports Most Popular Databases such as MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server and more
  Features a built-in database Table Designer and Visual Query Builder
  Host on either Linux/Windows
  Creates Pages for:
    Searching & Displaying Records
    Editing Records
    Importing and Exporting Records
    Shopping Carts, Links to Payment Gateways
  Secure your pages with Integrated Security
  Full Feature List
Sample sites made with dbQwikSite
Simple to Use
dbQwikSite plus your database makes dynamic web pages
Database website in 3 easy steps
1. dbQwikSite reads from most popular database formats and uses your tables and records as a source of information to design your web pages that will interact with your database on-line.
2. Using dbQwikSite, you design web pages that can display, search and manage your data. To create any type of page, all you need to do is to select that page type option.  You can also design e-mail forms, shopping carts and site security using the same simple “check-this-option” technique.
3. dbQwikSite uses your design options and settings to create fully functional interactive web pages.  dbQwikSite generates all the code and SQL for you, it’s simply amazing!  The results are instant, and you can view and test right on your PC.  When you are happy with your design, dbQwikSite's integrated publishing tool will help you move your new site to your host server.
  Seeing is believing... See dbQwikSite live demo and powerful features.
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About dbQwikSite

What is dbQwikSite:
dbQwikSite is  software program that makes creating dynamic database websites easy.  Normally, to make web forms and dynamic web pages that interact with a database you need to learn how to write web scripting languages such as ASP, PHP or .Net as well as JavaScript.  But using dbQwikSite code generator software, you don’t need to know how to code.  It can generate all the ASP, PHP, .NET and JavaScript to make fully functional web forms and web pages.  You do not have to be a web programmer to use this software many web designers and small business owners use dbQwikSite to create data driven websites. 

What’s so great about code generator software?

Using code generation, you get many benefits.  dbQwikSite’s code generator is fast, very fast, you can generate hundreds of pages per minute.  Some users that have hand coded in the past tell us that they can now do in a day what used to take them a month using manual coding.  Unlike hand coding, generated code is bug free, you don’t need to spend hours staring a line to code trying to figure out why is does not work.  Actually you are not even likely to look at the code at all; it just runs “out of the box”.  You get to concentrate on the functionality and design of your website rather than coding web scripts.  And you can save the learning curve on learning web scripting languages.  Web generation software is great because it is fast, high quality and frees you to concentrate on more important things.

What web pages and web forms can it make?

dbQwikSite can generate 14 different types of dynamic web pages to create a wide variety of websites.  This intelligent code generation software, knows about how dynamic web pages should work together, and generates pages that automatically work together as a coherent website.  You can create display pages that source information from your database.  There are dynamic pages to show lists, individual records or related details.  What good are display pages if you had to scroll to find data?  dbQwikSite software generates Search pages that can search through your database to show only the records that meet your visitors search criteria.
Displaying data using dynamic pages is only half the story.  The other half is all about managing the data on your web server.  This software will generate web forms add, edit and delete records in your database.  You don’t need to know how to write a web form, this is all part of the incredible advanced code generator technology.  Of course, you don’t want just anyone updating your database records on your website, so dbQwikSite generates all the scripts that you need to secure your site for different user levels.

What web scripting languages can it generate?

dbQwikSite is like 3 code generators in one.  It can generate ASP, PHP, .Net and JavaScript code.  PHP and ASP are the traditional web coding languages.  PHP is well known for its popularity on Linux hosting, but in fact PHP can run on Windows servers too.  PHP is one of the most common web scripting languages in use today.  ASP is well known as a windows server language.  ASP is limited to windows and IIS web server.  ASP uses VB Script as its programming language.  While .NET technology is displacing classic ASP, dbQwikSite still generates ASP, because it is still in wide use and can run on most any windows PC as well as on web servers.  ASP.net is the new generation web scripting language for windows servers.  .Net code can be written in either vb.net or c#.  dbQwikSite code generator targets vb.net.

What Databases does it work with?

dbQwikSite works with most of the popular databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, DB2, and others via ODBC.  Not every combination of scripting language are possible, but the most popular combinations are available to give you the best results.  PHP can generate with a native MySQL connection when working with a MySQL database.  PHP also support ODBC on windows and using this you can use PHP with MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle and other databases.  When generating ASP your generated scripts connect using ADO and can connect to MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle or any database that has an ADO data provider.  dbQwikSite does more that generate SQL for these databases, it also includes tools for converting between databases.  You can import a remote MySQL database to a local MS Access database to speed data refresh and test on your PC without installing MySQL on your PC.  Likewise once you have finished your design you have the option to convert local MS Access databases to MySQL databases this gives you large degree of freedom to work with a the right database and never be “trapped” into one particular database.

What is special about Ecommerce Edition?

Ecommerce edition includes extensions in the code generator engine to support common Ecommerce functions.  For example you it can generate web scripts to integrate to a wide number of payment processing services such as: PayPal, Authorize.net, Google CheckOut, World Pay, SecPay. And what’s more you can even add your own payment gateways.  But that is only the beginning.  Many people equate Ecommerce to collecting online payments.  But that is only a small part of e-commerce.  In actuality e-commence is simply “doing business” over the internet.  dbQwikSite software can generates website with shopping cart scripts, it can create orders, even if you do not plan to collect payments online.  E-Commerce also knows how to create scripts to do things like: calculate taxes, shipping charges, check and maintain stock levels in your website and more.

What is special about Developer Edition?

Developer edition may sound like it is a special edition of the software for web developers, and it is.  But, we like to think that it also helps turn you into a web developer, if you aren’t already.  Developer Edition uses the dbQwikSite code generator to produce pages, just like the other editions.  What is different is that with this edition you can add your own custom web scripts.  Web scripts can be written in ASP, PHP and JavaScript.  By Adding custom scripts into the generated web pages, you can extend and enhance the generated pages.  You can add web 2.0 style JavaScript effects to your pages, or add server side PHP or ASP code to change how the generated pages look or behave.  Combining web code generation with custom code creates a very powerful and flexible web development tool for creating websites faster than ever before.

Can I try it?

Sure, we’d love for you to give us a test drive.  You can download a free trial.  What’s more we even offer a download of a free Personal Edition that you can use for… free!  The Free trial download will run for 30 days, it has only a few limitations.  Most notably, it changes some spellings in the generated pages, of course this is not found in the paid or personal editions.  For your convenience, the same download can run as Full Trial or Personal Edition.  In order to use the Personal Edition, you must activate your license.  Activation can be done anonymously, however free users who choose to identify themselves can benefit from our support services and optionally subscribe to news and updates.

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