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Samples Sites Generated by dbQwiksite
Here are some database web site generated by dbQwikSite web code generator. Samples are in ASP, but projects can be regenerated in PHP and ASP.net.
Check out Version 5 dbQwikSite Sample Sites

A complete school management system built with dbQwiksite. With management of Students, Teachers, Enrollment, Grades enen a book store.

This site is 100% generated and does not use any custom code.

Lots of comments on pages to help understand the features demonstrated.

Acomplete  school management web site
Note: The samples below were created with version 3.2 of dbQwikSite, they are not representative of all many of the newer features in the latest release, but they can give you an idea and a good starting point.

 On-line Demo Category Short Description
1. dbQwikSimpleStore  Retail  List Style Catalog with Shopping Cart
2. Book Store On-line  Business  Book Store Catalog with Shopping Cart
3. Used Cars Website  Business  Used Cars Catalog with Enquiry Form
4. Human Resource System  Business  HR Catalog with Administrator Project
5. FAQ Template  General  FAQ Template with Administration Project
6. Computer Store (Multi Column Supported)  Business  Computer Onlined Store designed with new feature, multi column layout.
7. Christmas Gift Store (Multi Column Supported)  Retail  Gift Shop Onlined Store, special design for Christmas Eve

Other samples generated by dbQwiksite
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